Season 4 | Episode 4

Die Tigerentenbande

Animation/Book adaptation, Germany 2010

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Hannes finds an old Indian blanket in the shop of Mrs. Bumfidel, which once belonged to the Shushuns. The Shushuns lived near Slamy Bamy Footle Pitch a long, long time ago and their sacred totem animal was none other than the Tiger Duck. For Mrs. Bumfidel, the blanket is initially just an old, moth-eaten rag, but then Hannes discovers a drawing on the item that says the most valuable things the Shushuns possessed were small, yellow grains. Mrs. Bumfidel is electrified: that can only be gold! Soon, the whole town is digging for gold, destroying more and more of the old hunting grounds of the Shushuns. The totem animal of the Shushuns, the Tiger Duck, is thereby becoming pale and powerless. Hannes is desperate and wants to stop the gold diggers, but he can not do it alone. He is forced to make a pact with his archenemy, the Mouse Sheriff. Together they manage to hunt the gold diggers out of the city and restore the ancient power of the Tiger Duck. And the gold of the Shushuns? That, as Hannes finds out, never was a thing, because the little yellow grains on the blanket were not gold, but corn. And corn was the Shushun's most important food and a hundred times more valuable than gold.

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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)

Original title:

Die Tigerentenbande

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Further titles:

Die Tigerenten Bande


16:9 SD, Color

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Starting at 6 years

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