Season 2 | Episode 2

Die Tigerentenbande

Animation/Book adaptation, Germany 2010

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Real excitement in the junkyard. The cow dung alarm shower against invading villains starts. But the Tiger Duck gang finds no nasty villain but a mysterious treasure map. The legendary diamond treasure of Chief Cunning Snake is marked with a thick cross on it. If that is not something! The Tiger Duck Expedition is quickly equipped and the treasure hunters set out on an adventure. Follow the map over the junkyard, through the streets of Oberfimmel to the prairie. Again and again they have to solve tricky puzzles. Eventually, they end up in the ghost town where the mice sheriff Browning lurks with his miracle lasso. Turning back? No way! Courageously, they sneak on and finally come across a huge golden vault. There must be the treasure in there! When opening, they experience a fist-thick, mouse-sized surprise!

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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)

Original title:

Die Tigerentenbande

Original language:


Further titles:

Die Tigerenten Bande


16:9 SD, Color

Age recommendation of the KJF:

Starting at 6 years

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