Season 1 | Episode 1

Die Tigerentenbande

Book adaptation/Animation, Germany 2010

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Bright excitement in the junkyard. The cow patty alarm shower against intruding bad guys goes off. And already one of the adventures begins for the tiger duck gang. In 26 episodes and one film, Hannes Strohkopp and his friends the inventor Laika, the mice Tütü, Schischi and the dog Bergmann get into exciting situations. Treasures have to be found, the tiger duck has to be rescued from the clutches of the mouse sheriff, the gringos have to be beaten in a soapbox race and old Indian spirits have to be fought off. To make matters worse, one day Hannes is doubled, another time he is suddenly invisible. Lots of excitement in Oberfimmel! Hannes is shocked. Birkenpappel has set him up as a candidate for the class president election. His opponent is Egon Emmentaler. He promises "every day ice for all" if he is elected. The two candidates get assignments that scare Hannes into fear: give a speech and supervise the class...

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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)

Original title:

Die Tigerentenbande

Original language:


Further titles:

Die Tigerenten Bande


16:9 SD, Color

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Starting at 6 years

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