Hälfte des Lebens

Histoire/Romance, R.D.A. 1985

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Frankfurt, 1796. The young poet Friedrich Hölderlin (Ulrich Mühe) comes to the wealthy banker family Gontard as a tutor. He soon falls in love with Susette, wife of the banker and mother of the children he uneducates. Susette Gontard (Jenny Gröllmann) is not averse to Hölderlin either, and they find it increasingly difficult to conceal their love affair. One day Susette's husband Jakob Gontard (Michael Gwisdek) learns of their relationship. Hölderlin is expelled from the house. In France, which is still marked by the turmoil of the French Revolution, Hölderlin learns of Susanne's serious illness. He immediately sets off for Frankfurt to see Susanne once more...
94 min
FSK 12
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Réalisation :

Herrmann Zschoche

Musique :

Georg Katzer

Photographie :

Günter Jaeuthe

Interprète :

Ulrich Mühe (Johann Friedrich Hölderlin)

Jenny Gröllmann (Susette Gontard)

Swetlana Schönfeld (Marie Rätzer)

Michael Gwisdek (Jakob Gontard)

Peter-Mario Grau (Isaac von Sinclair)

Christine Gloger (Hölderlin's Mother)

Simone Frost (Hölderlin's Sister)

Christine Harbort (Wilhelmine)

Reimar Johannes Baur (Dr. Ebel)

Titre original :

Hälfte des Lebens

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Format :

4:3 HD, Couleurs

Catégorie d'âge :

FSK 12

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