whisper & SHOUT

Société/Politique, R.D.A. 1989

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Documents important parts of the East German rock music scene of the late 1980s, from well-established bands like Silly, to underground rock bands like Feeling B. This road movie features young people using music to express their take on life, opposition to their parents' generation and opinions on the social and political climate in East Germany. It includes clips from concerts and interviews with fans and members of various bands, such as Feeling B's Christian Lorenz and Paul Landers, now members of Rammstein. This documentary, shot in 35mm, played to over one million viewers in sold-out theaters in East Germany. Audiences were drawn not only to see their favorite bands on the screen; they were also surprised that this film made it past the censors. (DEFA Film Library)
116 min
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Réalisation :

Dieter Schumann

Photographie :

Michael Lösche

Production :

Roland Gernhard

Titre original :

flüstern & SCHREIEN

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16:9 HD, Couleurs

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