Die Kinder von Golzow - Die Prüfung (1971)

Histoire/Quotidien, R.D.A. 1971

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The film documents the 15 minutes of truth - the oral exams of the tenth graders in June 1971. Not a trial run, but the real exams for graduation from the Polytechnische Oberschule. Even then, one of the boys notes: the girls study more diligently. Of course, there are also a few aces among the boys. Jürgen, for example, aced the math exam. Ilona, on the other hand, has never found school particularly easy. She has to help out a lot at home. She achieves her goal of passing the tenth grade, even though she only got a 4 in math. Just like all the other students at least pass their exams. The village of Golzow has just over 1,000 inhabitants, but still has a school with 10 classes. Of the children who started school here in 1961, some have already left after the 8th grade. A small handful is preparing for the Abitur in the district town. The remaining ones form the majority and sit for the exam.
19 min
À partir de 12 ans
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Réalisation :

Winfried Junge

Photographie :

Hans-Eberhard Leupold

Montage :

Charlotte Beck

Conception sonore :

Ingrid Schernikau (Sound)

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1:1,33 HD, Noir et blanc

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À partir de 12 ans

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