Le clan des suricates - l'aventure commence

Nature/Famille, Royaume-Uni/États-Unis 2008

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The meerkats are the lively protagonists of the popular ANIMAL PLANET series "Und täglich greüßt das Erdmännchen". The well-known TV family is at home in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and is a real rascal: It is nothing unusual for these animals, which are only 30 centimeters tall and organized in a strict hierarchy, to be led by a female - But "Blümchen" is already something very special: She is "The Queen of the Meerkats". The documentary of the same name tells the biography of this leader with a strong character: From Blümchen's birth, through the adventures of her youth, to the time when she increasingly moults to become the boss of the extended family. With a special camera system around the homely tunnels in the desert floor, the film team accompanies the exciting life of the Erdmann clan. The desert dwellers are no longer afraid of humans, as they have already been observed for several years by a team of researchers from Cambridge. Originally narrated by WHOOPY GOLDBERG, this is the film for the EMMY award-winning series "Und täglich greüßt das Erdmännchen", in which a team of scientists accompanied a meerkat family for 10 years.
76 min
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Réalisation :

Mike Slee

Chris Barker

Musique :

Laurent Ferlet

Production :

Caroline Hawkins

Titre original :

Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins

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Autres titres :

Die Koenigin der Erdmaennchen

Meerkat Manor

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16:9 HD, Couleurs

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