Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns

Famille/Drôle, R.D.A. 1985

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Gritta lives alone with her father in an old castle. When a princess comes to the castle, she is taken to a convent school. The princess Anna Bollena Maria Nesselkrautia makes herself at home in the castle and charms Gritta's father by singing "Au clair de la lune". This does not suit Gritta at all, as her father becomes more and more interested in the young princess and completely overlooks her. Gritta finds comfort in Peter, a village boy who tends the geese. But the princess is against this relationship, which is not befitting her status. At the convent school, she learns of Governor Pekavus' plan to overthrow the king. After she returns home, she goes to the king with her father. She succeeds in thwarting Pekavus' plans.
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Réalisation :

Jürgen Brauer

Musique :

Stefan Carow

Photographie :

Jürgen Brauer

Montage :

Evelyn Carow

Interprète :

Nadja Klier (Gritta)

Hermann Beyer (Julius Ortel von Rattenzuhausbeiuns)

Fred Delmare (Kuno Gebhardt Müffert)

Peter Sodann (King)

Titre original :

Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns

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Autres titres :

Gritta vom Rattenschloss

Format :

16:9 SD, Couleurs

Âge conseillé :

A partir de 8 ans

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