Saison 1 | Episode 1

Adventurers: Masters of Time

Animation/Aventure, Royaume-Uni/Allemagne 2005

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Uploading themselves by way of a time continuum software, Fire, Nevin, Paul, and Kikko, are suddenly whisked back through the ages on a desperate search for their missing computer professor. Unfortunately, they haven't made the journey alone. An evil Hacker is threatening to change world history. The endurance of each intrepid teen will be tested as they weave in and out of time; facing overwhelming perils and thrilling challenges. Welcome to Sheldrake Academy! Here you meet our four friends Nevin, Fire, Kikko and Paul. Watch as The Hacker infects Professor Krupnik's ingenious computer program with his evil Agents. That evening, the four Adventurers find out that something has gone terribly wrong in the computer lab. What has happened to Prof. Krupnik and his fascinating test launch into the past? Follow them through Prof. Krupnik's Time Vortex to the Roman Empire. Together with the Professor's unique hand-held computer @, they find something very strange and dangerous is going on... and they must find Krupnik before history is changed forever!
25 min
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Réalisation :

Stuart Evans

Jean Flynn

Musique :

Ralf Merten

Production :

Jean Flynn

Titre original :

Adventurers: Masters of Time

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Autres titres :

Adventurers - Mission Zeitreise

Az idő kalandorai

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4:3 HD, Couleurs

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