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Enid Blyton

Aventure, Nouvelle-Zélande/Royaume-Uni 1996

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On vacation Lucy Ann and Jack Trent meet the siblings Dinah and Philip Mannering. Together they get into dangerous adventures again and again and get first in the way of crooks and then on the track... Step into the captivating world of Enid Blyton's 'Island of Adventure,' where Jack, Lucy-Ann, Kiki, Phillip, and Dinah embark on thrilling escapades during their school holidays at the enigmatic 'Craggy-Tops.' Amidst the misty mysteries and secrets of the Isle of Gloom, they forge a surprising alliance with Bill Smugs and become entangled in a daring counterfeiting scheme guided by the enigmatic Jo-Jo. Join these young adventurers in a series of tales that bear the unmistakable hallmark of Enid Blyton's storytelling magic, filled with friendship, intrigue, and life-altering discoveries."
26 min
FSK 12
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Réalisation :

Peter Rose

Terry Marcel

Scénario :

Harry Duffin

D'après :

Enid Blyton (Children's Book "The Island of Adventure")

Musique :

Simon May

Photographie :

Wayne Vinten

Montage :

Paul Sutorius

Interprète :

Daniel Luafalealo (Oola)

David Taylor (Jack)

Alexis Jackson (Dinah)

Jennyfer Jewell (Lucy-Ann)

Malcom Jamieson (Bill)

Kirsten Hughes (Allison)

Format :

4:3 HD, Couleurs

Catégorie d'âge :

FSK 12

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