Odins Gold | Episode 4


Aventure/Action, Norvège 2014

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The owner of a local store believes that a girl from the asylum center is stealing from him. Nora is convinced of the girl's innocence and defends her. Suddenly, stolen goods are also found in her bag. Lars, Nora and Simon have made progress in deciphering the stone slab characters, but the runes do not make any deeper sense. The trio is dependent on expert help.

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Réalisation :

Atle Knudsen

Scénario :

Morten Hovland

Production :

Morten Hovland

Titre original :


Langue originale :

Norvégien (Nynorsk)

Format :

16:9 HD, Couleurs

Âge conseillé :

A partir de 10 ans

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