Odins Gold | Episode 1


Action/Aventure, Norvège 2014

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With intelligence, courage and the latest technology, the titular trio - consisting of teenagers Lars, Simon and Nora - embark on exciting adventures. Not losing sight of their big goal, the friends also solve a criminal case in each episode. TRIO is the ultimate action-adventure series for kids. Nora is new to the Norwegian town of Skjak, where her grandfather is chief of police. She quickly befriends Lars and Simon, who are on the hunt for a lost treasure, Odin's Gold. Lars is convinced that a missing medallion points the way to the treasure. In fact, the trio finds the gem in a frozen stream - but the rejoicing lasts only briefly ...
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Réalisation :

Atle Knudsen

Scénario :

Morten Hovland

Production :

Morten Hovland

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Langue originale :

Norvégien (Nynorsk)

Format :

16:9 HD, Couleurs

Âge conseillé :

A partir de 10 ans

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