Rising Voices

Drama, Belgium/France 2015

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Their names are Moktar, Najat, Joseph, Gernaz, Duraid, Hayder, Kader, Esma… They fled Syria, Iraq, Iran, Congo, Morocco and Niger… Together, they occupy a church. They will risk their lives for asylum. Days of countdown begin; a test of strength in itself. Inside, Kader has assumed the role of leader, but, mysteriously, sometimes he is missing. Day by day, devotedly, Esma cares for this community. Exhaustion increases; tensions rise. But bonds are forged and strengthened. Between betrayal and brotherhood, the group will have to put itself to the test, and face up to the challenge.
101 min
Starting at 14
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Joseph Rouschop


Maryam Zaree (Esma)

Assaad Bouab (Kader)

Gernas Haj Chikhmuos (Azad)

Yassine Fadel (Kader's Brother)

Ahmet Rıfat Şungar (Moktar)

Saïda Manaï (Najat)

Original title:

Le chant des hommes

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16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 14

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