The Bottom Line

Comedy, France 1976

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François is an advertising photographer and has had enough of his job. He wants to become a real director and writes a screenplay with a friend. At first, the two have some difficulty finding a producer for their film, and when someone is finally interested in their project, the poetry in their piece is to give way to eroticism. Mercier is less than enthusiastic about making an erotic film out of his script and declines the offer. François, however, is so obsessed with the idea of making films that he starts shooting behind his friend's back. His girlfriend Christine is also absolutely against the idea of the man she loves working in this profession. This is not the only reason why François gets into the biggest trouble.
102 min
FSK 12
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Georges Lautner


Philippe Sarde


Alain Poiré


Pierre Richard (François)

Miou-Miou (Christine)

Jean-Pierre Marielle (Morlock)

Renée Saint-Cyr (Mme Ferroni)

Gérard Jugnot (Ploumenech)

Sabine Azéma (Mlle Claude Ferroni)

Gérard Chambre (Aldo)

Arlette Emmery (Marie-France)

Valérie Mairesse (Pierrette)

Jean Michaud (M. Ferroni)

Original title:

On aura tout vu

Original language:


Further titles:

Now We've Seen It All!

O afelis kyrios Francois

On aura tout vu

Далі нікуди

Дальше некуда


1:1.66 HD, Color

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FSK 12

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