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History/Drama, Romania 2020

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Based on a true story. Romania, 1981: Ceaușescu is in office, leading a communist Romania. He writes the official story with the help of the National Television. Mugur Călinescu, a 16 y.o. teenager, writes another story on walls with chalked uppercase protest messages against the regime. His actions are compiled in a voluminous file kept by the Secret Police (Securitate), which observed, apprehended, interrogated and destroyed him. Linking both stories - secret and public - personal and collective - brings to light an unknown hero 30 years after the fall of communism. "§What’s most fascinating—and even more disturbing—in Jude’s selection of clips are the ones that do a remarkable job of simulating the ideals and values of an open society. Musical-variety numbers blend folkloric pop in the Lawrence Welk vein with elaborate Busby Berkeley-esque video manipulations, or feature a truly chilling call by a rock-like singer for adults to return to childhood. News reports range from the blandly cheerful (the increased production of new-model refrigerators) to the brazenly propagandist (Western Europe depicted as being in the iron grips of Nazism and awaiting a chance to invade Romania), from the trivial (the displacement of a garden by a merry-go-round) to the obliviously oppressive—notably, a sort of authoritarian “Candid Camera,” in which drivers caught honking, a crime, are secretly recorded by police officers who interrogate them on film." (The New Yorker)
129 min
Starting at 16
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Sofia Film Festival 2021 Prize of the Bulgarian Film Critics Association

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Radu Jude


Gianina Cărbunariu (Theaterstück)

Sound Design:

Dana Bunescu


Ada Solomon


Serban Lazarovici (Mugur Călinescu)

Bogdan Zamfir (Securitate Officer)

Ioana Iacob (The Mother)

Șerban Pavlu (The Father)


Nicolae Ceaușescu

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Tipografic Majuscul

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16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 16

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