Paris Follies

Comedy, France 2015

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Brigitte and Xavier Lecanu live as cattle breeders in Normandy, sharing everyday life and work. Since the children have left home, everything has gone according to plan, the business is running smoothly, their breeding bull 'Ben Hur' is winning prizes, the long-married couple has settled in between tradition and modernity, love is on the back burner. When the attractive woman in her mid-fifties meets the young Parisian Stan at a party in the neighboring house, she enjoys his compliments and the flirting under the stars. Suddenly, she feels an urgent desire to break out of her usual routine. Under the pretext of visiting a dermatologist, she travels to the metropolis for two days and nights. After a disappointing reunion with Stan, she meets the charming Danish businessman Jesper and experiences with him the city of lights on the Seine from a tingling and exciting side. What she doesn't know is that her husband has learned that the doctor has not been practicing for a long time and has secretly followed her.
95 min
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Marc Fitoussi


Isabelle Huppert (Brigitte Lecanu)

Jean-Pierre Darroussin (Xavier Lecanu)

Michael Nyqvist (Jesper)

Pio Marmaï (Stan)

Marina Foïs (Christiane)

Audrey Dana (Laurette)

Anaïs Demoustier (Marion)

Pierre Diot (Bruno Massoulier)

Original title:

La ritournelle

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16:9 HD, Color

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FSK 6Starting at 6

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