Bibi Blocksberg

Comedy/Adventure, Germany 2002

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The young witch Bibi saves the lives of two children with her magic skills. In return, the witch council decides to award Bibi her own witch's ball, although this award is actually intended for older witches. Bibi's father Bernhard is not very impressed by the witchcraft of his daughter and his wife Barbara. Nevertheless, Bibi and her mother go to the big award ceremony, which is led by the head witch Walpurgia. The evil witch Rabia is also present. Out of envy, she drops Bibi's new ball and must give Bibi her own ball as punishment. However, Rabia's ball contains a secret. No wonder Rabia tries to snatch the ball from Bibi as quickly as possible. Can Bibi uncover the secret of the ball and put a stop to Rabia?

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Sidonie von Krosigk (Bibi Blocksberg)

Max Befort (Florian)

Katja Riemann (Barbara Blocksberg)

Corinna Harfouch (Rabia)

Ulrich Noethen (Bernhard Blocksberg)

Inga Busch (Karla Kolumna)

Monica Bleibtreu (Walpurgia)

Rufus Beck (Kater Maribor)

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Bibi Blocksberg

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16:9 SD, Color

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Starting at 8 years


FBW "especially valuable"

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