Le gant du pied: A Luxembourgish shoe factory in the 50's

Short Film/History, Luxembourg 1955

In 1955, amateur filmmakers Levy and Laux documented the operations of the Hubert Frères shoe factory in Tétange in an 8mm film. The shoe factory was built between 1912 and 1917 by the Hubert family and produced mainly gaiters and work shoes. In its heyday, the company employed up to 70 people. In 1966, it closed its doors. In 2017, the daughter of one of the filmmakers entrusted the work to the Centre national de l'audiovisuel. The film was digitized by the CNA and composer Pol Belardi wrote the accompanying sound creation. Film from the CNA archive.
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Silent with music

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Pol Belardi

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Le gant du pied

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Silent with music


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Silent with music