The Proposal (La Bague au Doigt)

LGBTQIA+/Comedy, Belgium 2018

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On Valentine's Day, Icaro wants propose to the beautiful Vanilla. To do so, he chooses Vanilla's favourite restaurant, "La Moule d'Or", where his plan is put to many a tough test. The couple not only has to deal with a tired waitress, but above all with an angry, jealous top chef: because Dimitri is in love himself and has his hopes up - for Icaro! So he does everything he can to prevent Icaro from putting the ring on Vanilla's finger. A true stop-motion masterpiece! During 15 minutes, you follow the characters without a single word of dialogue, but with a brilliant soundtrack by Erwann Chandon. The fast-paced film, rich in emotions as well as in ideas, passes like a dream. Only the fish in this story have to suffer. The Italo-Belgian Infuso has made a name for himself as a puppeteer. He creates his stop-motion films with precision, loving atmosphere and at an amazing level of detail - from the subtle facial expressions of his silicone puppets to the enchanting environments. In "The Proposal", the architectural gems of Brussels Art Nouveau merge with the slapstick art of cinema beginnings as well as the musicality of Disney's "Silly Symphonies", but above all the irrepressible energy of Warner Bros.' "Looney Tunes".
15 min
Starting at 12
Audio language:
no dialogue


Les Magritte du Cinéma Best Animated Short Film

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Gerlando Infuso


Erwann Chandon

Original title:

La Bague Au Doigt

Original language:

no dialogue


4:3 HD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 12

Audio language:

no dialogue