1 - Leon in Wintertime

Adventure/Animation, France/Canada 2007

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As winter falls early on the kingdom, the ogre of the mountains kidnaps Molly Gingerbread, the pretty princess. Leon, a teenage bear who has been adopted by bee-keepers is having tough times: he runs away from home and get caught by Boniface, the storyteller. With the help of two friends, a grumpy hedgehog and a fearful elephant, Leon launches himself in a sequence of unexpected and fearless adventures. He will face all the danger, will deliver the princess and will find his way back home again.
27 min
Starting at 6
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Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television 23rd Gemini Awards, Toronto, 2008 Best direction in an animated program
Alliance pour l'Enfance et la Télévision 2008 (Canada) Grand Prix d'Excellence
LaurierJeunesse de la télévision au Sénat 2008 (France)

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Albert Payne (Léon (french))

Robert Naylor (Léon (english))

Sarah Bazri (Molly Gingerbread (french))

Holly Gauthier-Frankel (Molly Gingerbread (english))

Bernard Bouillon (Boniface (french))

Terrence Scammell (Boniface (english))

Christian Taponard (The Hedgehog (french))

Arthur Grosser (The Hedgehog (english))

Charles Tordjman (The ogre (french))

Neil Shee (The ogre (english))

Original title:

L'Hiver de Léon

Original language:


Further titles:

Au royaume de Léon et Mélie : L'Hiver de Léon

Au royaume de Leon et Melie. 1 L'hiver de Leon

Les Quatre saisons de Léon : L'Hiver de Léon


16:9 HD, Color

Age rating:

Starting at 6

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