School Ghost

Adventure/School, GDR 1987

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Has anyone seen the new feature film "Unheimlich perfekte Freunde" (2019)? The basic idea of this great children's film has existed before: in the DEFA film "Das Schulgespenst" by Rolf Losansky. Carola Huflattich is ten years old and goes to the 4th grade. She is not what you would imagine of a well-behaved girl, but could easily pass for a cousin of Pippi Longstocking. The parents Huflattich and also the teachers have their dear worries with Carola. They wish that Carola would be a little more well-behaved. Her mother would like Carola to wear a nice dress for once. But Carola doesn't want to hear about all that. Her grades aren't the best, and after a 4 in math, she gets into an argument with her mother. Luckily, Carola has her best friend Willi, even if Carola's ideas sometimes get a bit too much for him. But he always willingly tells Carola what the teacher wants her to do when she doesn't know, and willingly lets her copy homework. When Carola tips over in class one day and destroys the chair, she is sent to the basement to get a new one. It's pretty spooky in the basement, so Carola imagines there's a ghost there, which she puts in her pocket. Back in her class, she hears a voice coming from her pocket, right from where she had put her imagined ghost. The school ghost turns out to be an ambitious nerd who wants to please the adults, likes pretty clothes and voluntarily gives up Coke and TV. No wonder Carola and her ghost get into a bitter argument. Willi bravely stands by his girlfriend. But he is no savior in the emergency - Carola finds the solution to her biggest problem herself in the end.

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Rolf Losansky


Peter Abraham (Children's Book)


Reinhard Lakomy


Ilse Peters


Nicole Lichtenheldt (Carola Huflattich)

Ricardo Roth (Willi Neuenhagen)

Rolf Ludwig (Paul Potter)

Axel Wandtke (Max Huflattich)

Karin Düwel (Teacher Prohaska)

Original title:

Das Schulgespenst

Original language:



16:9 SD, Color

Age recommendation of the KJF:

Starting at 8 years

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