Dark Blue Girl

Drama, Greece/Germany 2017

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When Jimmy and Hannah finally find a buyer for their ramshackle vacation home on the Greek volcanic island, the former couple returns for the first time to the place where they last parted exactly two years ago. In tow: their seven-year-old daughter Luca, for whose love the two adults are in constant competition. Hannah is jealous of the very intimate father-daughter relationship, whose exclusivity she cannot match. For Jimmy, the impending sale triggers something: it is the irrevocable end of the former dream of a future as a family. Torn away from everyday life in Berlin, something happens: Hannah and Jimmy fall in love again. Cautiously, they dare to make a new start. But their daughter Luca, of all people, does everything in her power to prevent just that. With childlike cleverness, Luca plays her parents off against each other until an abysmally vicious power struggle for the family throne unfolds against the backdrop of the island idyll.
108 min
FSK 12
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Helena Zengel (Luca)

Karsten Mielke (Jimmy)

Artemis Chalkidou (Hannah)

Original title:

Die Tochter

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16:9 HD, Color

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FSK 12

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