The Legend of Rita

Classics/Drama, Germany 2000

A captivating story of former terrorist Rita Vogt (Bibiana Beglau) and life on the run. In 1970s West Germany, Rita becomes enthralled by the Red Army Faction (RAF) terror movement. But a botched attempt to free a militant leader from prison, where a lawyer is killed, means Vogt must flee to the East with the help of the Stasi. New identities lead to a fresh start, first in Beirut and then later an intense love affair under the GDR government within a divided Germany. But the ex-terrorist lives in constant fear of West German authorities hunting her down. Rita can only keep her secret safe for so long. The world is changing. It’s only a matter of time before the Berlin Wall falls and her true identity in the East is uncovered for the last time. The Legend of Rita depicts collusion between East German authorities and the RAF. It is based on real events.
98 min
FSK 12
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Arthur Hofer


Bibiana Beglau (Rita Vogt)

Martin Wuttke (Erwin Hull)

Nadja Uhl (Tatjana)

Harald Schrott (Andreas Klein)

Alexander Beyer (Jochen Pettka)

Jenny Schily (Friederike Adebach)

Original title:

Die Stille nach dem Schuss

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Further titles:

Die Stille nach dem Schuß


16:9 SD, Color


FBW "especially valuable"

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FSK 12

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