Season 1 | Episode 7: The King is Dead


Animation, Canada/France 1997

A monk in the pay of Prince John lands on the coast of Cornwall and announces that King Richard is dead. As proof he has a medallion bearing the royal insignia. This news enables Prince John to accuse Ivanhoe of having concealed the King’s illness in order to keep the ransom for himself. Ivanhoe is a traitor! But our hero’s faithful companion Rebecca slips through the secret passageways of the castle to keep an eye on the underhanded Prince John – and she discovers that the medallion was forged. Rowena, convinced he is innocent, persuades the Archbishop of Canterbury to send a messenger to verify that the King is actually alive and well. But Prince John has more that one trick up his sleeve and decides to eliminate Ivanhoe.
23 min
FSK 12
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Alan Sion

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Ivanhoë - Chevalier du roi

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FSK 12

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