Season 1 | Episode 4

Mord mit Aussicht

Crime/Comedy, Germany 2008

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In Dümpelbach, a neighboring village of Hengasch, the inhabitants make a pilgrimage to the Lady Chapel, as they do every year. There, on a small hill, the Holy Virgin once appeared and worked miracles, in gratitude to her the Dümpelbacher built a small chapel. But after this year's procession, not a miracle happens, but a murder: a young woman is found dead in the small place of worship - she was stabbed to death. Sophie is alerted, but so is her colleague Andreas Zielonka from Koblenz, because the chapel lies exactly on the borderline between North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Since it cannot be established beyond doubt whose jurisdiction the murder falls under, Sophie and Zielonka have to grudgingly work together, which, since they are both ambitious, is not particularly palatable to them. And then there is this unfortunate attraction between them... Supposedly no one knows who the dead woman is, not even Heike, Dietmar's wife, who otherwise knows everything and everyone. But little by little Sophie and Zielonka unravel the mystery of the enigmatic woman.
45 min
FSK 12
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Gebhard Henke


Petra Kleinert (Heike Schäffer)

Caroline Peters (Commissioner Sophie Haas)

Bjarne Mädel (Chief Police Officer Dietmar Schäffer)

Meike Droste (Police Chief Bärbel Schmied)

Michael Hanemann (Hans Zielonka)

Hans Peter Hallwachs (Hannes Haas)

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Mord mit Aussicht

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16:9 SD, Color

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FSK 12

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