Season 1 | Episode 22: The Traitor


Animation, Canada/France 1997

Brian is a traitor. Working for the Regent, he has infiltrated Robin Hood’s band. When he learns that Ivanhoe is about to collect a large sum of money for Kind Richard’s ransom, he quickly warns the Prince. The Prince sees this as an opportunity to snatch the money and accuse Robin of the theft. But to do this, he has to trap Robin Hood and hold him prisoner in York. Then he has Brian disguise himself as Robin ant attack Ivanhoe (it just so happens that Brian is the same size and weight as Robin, and he is also an excellent archer). Unwitttingly, Ivanhoe, Gawain and Cedric fall into the trap, and Brian makes off with their sacks of gold.
23 min
FSK 12
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Alan Sion

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Ivanhoë - Chevalier du roi

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16:9 HD, Color

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FSK 12

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