Season 1 | Episode 10

Mord mit Aussicht

Crime/Comedy, Germany 2008

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For a change, it's not just any violent perpetrator, but veterinarian Kauth who puts a gun to Sophie's head: he wants to turn her affair into a solid relationship, even move in with her. Before Sophie decides, she first solves the mystery of the badly injured electrician Poppelrath, who lies in the garden of the housewife Kafka with an unexplained head injury and a heart attack. Is the newly arrived man from East Germany really to blame, as many in the village think, because he is behaving - at least in the eyes of the people of Hengasch - in a highly suspicious manner? Or did the victim's pathologically jealous wife have a hand in it? And is there a crime at all? If so, Sophie is the only policewoman who cares, because Dietmar prefers to deal with a series of strange spy cameras in Hengasch bedrooms, and Bärbel is a total failure because she's finally in love. Ever since she fell head over heels for Mathilde, the carpenter, she can no longer think straight. In contrast to Sophie, who, with plenty of egoistically motivated support from Zielonka Sr., has to realize that her love for Kauth is not enough to change her life so fundamentally in favor of a relationship, Bärbel recognizes one thing above all: love has more facets than she previously suspected.
49 min
FSK 12
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Joseph Orr


Gebhard Henke


Petra Kleinert (Heike Schäffer)

Caroline Peters (Commissioner Sophie Haas)

Bjarne Mädel (Chief Police Officer Dietmar Schäffer)

Meike Droste (Police CHief Bärbel Schmied)

Michael Hanemann (Hans Zielonka)

Hans Peter Hallwachs (Hannes Haas)

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Mord mit Aussicht

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16:9 SD, Color

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FSK 12

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