Season 2 | Episode 12: 19:00

13 Hours: Race Against Time

Family, Germany 2011

The heroes manage to slow down the execution of the gangster's plan for the time being with a clever move. But the mercenaries around the sinister leader Alexander LeGard are professionals and lose their nerve only for a brief moment. With the completion of their plan in sight, they head for the home stretch with their prisoners, hell-bent on bringing the government and ultimately the entire world to its knees. Time is running out and there is only one hour left to stop the men.


Prix Jeunesse International Fiction
Prize of the international youth jury White elephant

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Andreas Morell


Hans Hafner

Sound Design:

Robert Klemm


Timon Wloka (Ben Brehmer)

Janina Fautz (Leonora 'Leo' Largareta)

Timmi Trinks (Jonas Stürmer)

Ugur Ekeroglu (Özgür 'Özzi' Delikaya)

Ruby O. Fee (Sophie Kellermann)

Peter Lohmeyer (Professor Brehmer)

Eralp Uzun (Cenk Delikaya)

Original title:

Allein gegen die Zeit

Original language:



16:9 HD, Color

Age recommendation of the KJF:

Starting at 12 years

Age rating:

FSK 12

Audio language: