Season 4 | Episode 6

Die Tigerentenbande

Animation/Book adaptation, Germany 2010

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Schischi sorts her beloved cheese collection: Every cheese is cleaned, the box dusted off. A hard cheese from Texas gets thrown out, Schischi does not like it anyway, because you can not eat it - and to make room: Today comes the topping for her collection: The "golden paparazzo", an heirloom of her Italian mouse family! Excited, she waits for Hannes, who goes to the post office for her. But then everything goes wrong: Hannes has to flee from the Gringos and loses Schischis cheese. The cheese rolls and jumps through Oberfimmel and finally comes to the Mouse Sheriff. He thinks, the cheese must be gold! Hannes cannot convince him otherwise. So he has to get into the saloon with Schischi at night and secretly exchange Schischis cheese with something. But with what? Maybe with the unloved Schischi cheese? And why is that cheese so hard?

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Janosch (Based on the Characters of the Picture Books)

Original title:

Die Tigerentenbande

Original language:


Further titles:

Die Tigerenten Bande


16:9 SD, Color

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Starting at 6 years

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