Mini series | Episode 1: Nice Mischpoke

Completely bonkers?!

Society/Drama, Germany 2022

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"Best friends forever" - that's what kids like to text each other. But what happens when one of three best friends has a secret that nobody knows about? And which causes a huge problem for the best friend? For example, a little Star of David on a chain in the eyes of a Syrian refugee child...? Episode 1 Charly, Benny and Hamid are close friends. But things are rough at their new school. Mobile phones are stolen and Charly and Hamid are bullied by a gang.
25 min
Starting at 9
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Frank Stoye

Sound Design:

Ivo Wellmann


Louis Guillaume (Benny Levenberg)

Nelly Hoffmann (Charly Bürger)

Mika Ullritz (Hamid Al-Barazi)

Caspar Hoffmann (Lennert Hofer)

Evita Gosselk (Jasmin Dobry)

Samira Belbacha (Betül Baumann)

Stefanie von Poser (Claudia Bürger)

Anatole Taubman (Jörg Fischer)

Original title:

Völlig meschugge?!

Original language:


Further titles:

Der gefallene Stern


16:9 HD, Color

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Starting at 9

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