Season 1 | Episode 1

Warten auf’n Bus

Humor/Everyday life, Germany 2020

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A bus stop deep in Brandenburg. Two men are waiting for a bus and talking about their lives. Openly, honestly. The topics are diverse, the dialogues straight from the Brandenburg soul... Johannes 'Hannes' (Ronald Zehrfeld) and his friend Ralf 'Ralle' (Felix Kramer), both early invalids, long-term unemployed and in their late forties, meet at a bus terminus and talk about their lives. The bus stop was their "gateway to the world, the damn interface between pampas and intellijentet life" when the two friends still went to work, to the city or even on vacation. Sometimes they also wait for someone, strangers who are bogged down in the bus, or the bus driver Kathrin (Jördis Triebel), who pauses here at the terminal loop. For Hannes and Ralle, she is "top league. Nothing for mortals". There is also the dog Maik. Ralf and Johannes' friendship gets caught up in the problem of self-esteem.
28 min
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Dirk Kummer


Johannes Repka


Ronald Zehrfeld (Johannes)

Felix Kramer (Ralf)

Jördis Triebel (Kathrin)

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FSK 12

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