Season 1 | Episode 7

Mord mit Aussicht

Comedy/Crime, Germany 2008

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While Sophie tries to come to terms with single life and a new two-room apartment in the country after her father moves out, Bärbel is deeply saddened: Her surrogate grandmother Katharina has passed away peacefully at the age of 77. That can happen. But was her death really so peaceful? Bärbel discovers at the wake that Katharina received threatening letters, and Sophie then exposes Katharina's passing as a murder. In the course of their investigation, the officers discover that a lot of people have their eyes on the Apfelhof, Katharina's large farm. On the one hand Katharina's hunchbacked relatives, on the other hand the bigoted cult leader Ohlert, who seeks to recruit souls in the county for her free church 'Bleeding Hearts of Mary'. And Hengasch's Catholic priest Lepetit is also interested in the old farmer's wife's inheritance, as the woodworm-infested altar urgently needs to be renewed... It is astonishing that Sophie still finds time for her private life in the midst of so much murder and greed. The attractive veterinarian Kauth enters her life - even if Sophie initially only wants to have a one-night stand.
49 min
FSK 12
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Torsten Wacker


Gebhard Henke


Petra Kleinert (Heike Schäffer)

Caroline Peters (Commissioner Sophie Haas)

Bjarne Mädel (Chief Police Officer Dietmar Schäffer)

Meike Droste (Police Chief Bärbel Schmied)

Michael Hanemann (Hans Zielonka)

Hans Peter Hallwachs (Hannes Haas)

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Mord mit Aussicht

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16:9 SD, Color

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FSK 12

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